Bud Empire

Bud Empire

7 Episodes

In the sunbaked hills of British Columbia’s wine country, maverick entrepreneur Bob Kay stays one step ahead of the law, and dreams of turning his medical marijuana dispensary into the biggest retail brand in pot. High on ambition, and rolling in cash, he keeps it all straight with the help of his wife, four children -- and loyal team of misfit workers.

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Bud Empire
  • Bud Empire Ep 1: Be Kind

    Episode 1

    After eight years in business without any legal action, Bob Kay's medical marijuana dispensary has been put on notice: City Hall wants to shut it down. Will Bob be able to persuade the politicians they're wrong? Or are their threats part of a cynical scheme to put the little guy out of business s...

  • Bud Empire Ep 2: 4:20

    Episode 2

    Bob and his team head to Vancouver’s English Bay to set up shop at this year's “420 Festival,” a sprawling market dedicated to all things marijuana. With 80,000 people expected to attend, Bob wants to sell $15,000 worth of pot edibles, including brownies, cookies and lemonade. But will his “Be Ki...

  • Bud Empire Ep 3: Grow Your Own

    Episode 3

    Bob has one of the largest marijuana grow licenses in Canada, but he’s too busy running his retail empire to grow for himself. So he invites Vancouver-based pot entrepreneur Jo Le to Kelowna. They want to partner on an "LP" -- a federal grow “license to produce” unlimited amounts of weed for reta...

  • Bud Empire Ep 4: Edible Overload

    Episode 4

    Bob attends an early Christmas charity event with his family, but Santa won’t let the kids sit on his knee because he doesn’t want to be associated with anyone who promotes marijuana. Tanner tries to come up with a ‘smooth’ oil for Be Kind’s edible products. But when the team mistakenly puts way ...

  • Bud Empire Ep 5: Sticky Fingers

    Episode 5

    With the city of Kelowna threatening to shut down his store, Bob is looking for greener pastures. He and Christie head to a nearby city to open another dispensary. But when marijuana-infused lollipops go missing at Be Kind, everyone becomes a suspect. Co-managers (and twin sisters) Cathy and Chri...

  • Bud Empire Ep 6: City Spliffers

    Episode 6

    Bob’s business is booming, so he takes his mom car shopping. Meanwhile, he can't keep shatter (a potent marijuana concentrate) on the shelves. They run out every “Shatterday” -- to store manager Cathy's ever-growing frustration. In Vancouver, pot entrepreneur Jo Le offers to sell Bob his licensed...

  • Bud Empire Ep 7: Generation Bud

    Episode 7

    Bob and his 16-year-old son Kaleb visit Lift, a high-end pot conference in Toronto, and get a giddy eyeful of the multi-billion-dollar recreational market looming on the horizon. They also tour the sprawling grow op at Tweed, Canada’s largest publicly traded pot company, where it’s clear that big...