Cellar Stories

Cellar Stories

5 Episodes

A look at the stories behind wine lost and found.

Cellar Stories
  • Cellar Stories Episode 1 | 1942 Château d'Yquem

    Episode 1

    We talk to experts including Steven Spurrier and go deep into the cellars of one of the world's most celebrated and historic wineries, Château d'Yquem, as we attempt to solve the mystery of a possibly counterfeit bottle found in Los Angeles, California.

  • Cellar Stories Episode 2 | The Lost Vineyard

    Episode 2

    At the turn of the century, Southern California had more vineyards than Napa, but Prohibition changed that. We take a trip to a secret vineyard that has not been tended to in decades to unravel a mystery.

  • Cellar Stories Episode 3 | The Lost Vineyard: Part 2

    Episode 3

    A secret vineyard in Southern California has taken care of itself for decades. Until now.

  • The Oldest Vine

    Episode 4

    “The Oldest Vine,” a documentary special from SOMM TV, details the story of what might be the oldest wine-producing vine in the world currently thriving in one of the last places you’d ever expect – the sprawling metropolitan city of Los Angeles.

  • The Lost Winery

    Episode 5

    A devastating fire tears through America's premier wine region, leaving its history in jeopardy.