The Harvest Series

The Harvest Series

10 Episodes

Harvest can be smooth, or it can be a stress-filled nightmare, but it is never easy. Take a look at the real time process of harvesting fruit in the world's best vineyards and orchards.

The Harvest Series
  • Harvest Season - Napa 2021

    An original documentary featuring four Napa winemakers during the 2021 harvest.

  • Harvest: Kitá

    Explore harvest in the Santa Ynez Valley with winemaker Tara Gomez.

  • Harvest: Château d'Yquem

    Take a peek into the harvest of the world's most expensive sweet wine.

  • Harvest: Viña Cobos

    Exclusive access to one of the first night harvests to ever happen in Argentina. Our first harvest video in the southern hemisphere is with one of the world's foremost winemakers.

  • Harvest: Rajat Parr

    Episode 1

    Harvest with Rajat Parr in Santa Barbara Wine country narrated by Master Sommelier Sabato Sagaria.

  • Harvest: Raen Wine

    Episode 3

    Follow an intense night harvest on the remote Sonoma Coast with Carlo Mondavi for his Raen Pinot Noir.

  • Harvest: Terrazas de los Andes

    Explore the different high-altitude vineyards of Terrazas de los Andes in Argentina and experience a Malbec harvest.

  • Harvest: Halter Ranch

    Explore harvest with head winemaker Kevin Sass at Halter Ranch in Paso Robles, California.

  • Harvest: Ridge Vineyards

    Enjoy an inside look at Ridge Vineyards' harvest with Monte Bello winemaker Eric Baugher.

  • Harvest: Eden Rift

    Explore the night harvest of Eden Rift Vineyards in Hollister where the land has been under vine since 1849.