Recent additions to the SOMM TV collection.

  • The Lost Winery

    A devastating fire tears through America's premier wine region, leaving its history in jeopardy.

  • SOMM: Cup of Salvation

    The fourth film in the SOMM series. A father and daughter confront war and an impossible country to show what wine means to humankind.

  • Chef's Notebook: The Perfect Steak

    Embark on a gastronomic adventure as we journey to Argentina, where the finest chefs discuss the country's beef and reveal the secrets to the perfect steak.

  • A Closer Look at Argentina

    Take a closer look at the wines of Argentina, and discover how the country conquered Malbec.

  • Behind The Glass: Lytle Barnett & Aubaine

    Sparkling wine from Lytle Barnett has been at the forefront of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, becoming one of the world’s leading wine regions for over a decade. Watch the story of how a dream became a legend and how the addition of still Pinot and Chardonnay made that dream one of the great new win...

  • Chef's Notebook: Paella

    Watch and learn how to make a unique spin on the quintessential Spanish dish of Paella. Chef Troy Avitia takes us through the entire process, using 20 ingredients to create this delicious feast.

  • Where to Find the Wines from Cup of Salvation

    Director Jason Wise tell you where to find the Armenian wines from SOMM: Cup of Salvation

  • A Conversation about Grafting

    Winemaker John Adams of Wildsound Wine takes us through the history and process of growing two different species of vines together and how it saved the wine in your glass.

  • Cup of Salvation Presents The War Photographer

    Jonathan Alpeyrie is one of the world’s most celebrated war photographers. In this documentary he talks about his career and life around it.

  • Theatrical Premiere Q & A with Director and Cast

    Director Jason Wise speaks with the protagonist of Cup of Salvation after the Los Angeles premiere. Moderated by Sommelier Claire Coppi.

  • A Conversation with Jason Wise and Vahe Keushguerian

    A winemaker and a film director discuss how they pulled off the impossible in Iran and made the first modern wine in that country since the Islamic revolution in 1979.

  • Extended Tasting: Aimee Keushguerian and Steve Matthiasson

    Steve Matthiasson drinks Areni with Aimee for the first time and is blown away by the wine in this extended scene from Cup of Salvation.

  • Extended Tasting: Aimee Keushguerian and Paul Hobbs

    Paul Hobbs and Aimee Keushguerian drink and discuss the wonders of Areni wine.

  • Areni Barrel Tasting

    Follow winemaker and "SOMM Cup of Salvation" cast member, Vahe Keushguerian, as he explains the character of Armenia's most important red grape and tastes through barrel selections of his Areni wines.

  • Soviet Winery Tour

    Take a tour through a Soviet era winery and open a bottle from the early 1970s in this bonus feature from SOMM: Cup of Salvation.