Recent additions to the SOMM TV collection.

  • Wine in Web3

    1 season

    Wine in Web3 takes you on the journey with Napa Valley startup, Cuvée Collective, as they bring Wine NFTs to market. Founder & CEO, Andrew Allison, sits down with winery owners and winemakers to uncover the unique offerings of each brand and strategizes about how to best market those opportunitie...

  • A Conversation About the Rothschild's South American Wineries

    Most people know about the legendary Lafite Rothschild wines of Bordeaux, but in this episode the SOMM TV team dives into the lesser known Rothschild's wines of South America.

  • Wines of Portugal Master Class: Regions

    Take a deep dive into the picturesque wine regions of Portugal. Acclaimed wine writer, Elaine Chukan Brown takes you on a journey that traverses the diverse regions in Portugal dedicated to making some of the great wines of the world.

  • 2022 Napa Valley Vintage Report

    Hear the stories, challenges, and triumphs of the 2022 Napa Vintage from four of the best winemakers in the valley.

  • A Conversation about Ernest Hemingway's drinks

    Ernest Hemingway is a legendary drinker. Jason Wise and expert bartender Amanda Sasser get together to discuss what is fact and what is fiction about the legend of Ernest Hemingway's cocktails and exploits.

  • A Conversation with Tony Parker

    Jason Wise sits down with four time NBA champion to discuss basketball and wine, and how being raised in Europe changed his perspective on sports and the culinary world.

  • A Conversation with Karen MacNeil

    Author Karen MacNeil discusses creating "The Wine Bible" and her career, with SOMM TV's Nicole MacKay.

  • A Conversation with Elaine Chukan Brown

    Acclaimed wine writer Elaine Chukan Brown sits down with Jason Wise of SOMM TV to discuss her native heritage, family story, and what Indigenous Peoples' day means to Native people and to the food and wine world.

  • A Conversation with Channing Frye

    NBA Champion and winemaker Channing Frye sits down to discuss the wild story of what you drink during, after and because of the NBA championship and how that involves Justin Timberlake and crying into a margarita.

  • A Closer Look at Côte Chalonnaise

    Take a closer look at this beautiful sub-region in the south of Burgundy, where you'll find a variety of styles from crisp white wines to complex pinot noir.

  • A Conversation with Elaine Chukan Brown and Kelli White

    Jason Wise sits down with renowned wine experts Kelli White and Elaine Chukan Brown to deliberate their three favorite wine cellars around the world. Join us as we travel the globe searching for what makes a barrel room the most interesting and what that has to do with German Heavy Metal, Austral...

  • FOOD & WINE Drink a Bottle with Lally Brennan and Meg Bickford

    The famed New Orleans restaurant comes to Aspen as friends and coworkers Lally and Chef Meg discuss Louisiana food and the legacy of chefs at Commander's Palace.

  • A Conversation with Hugh Davies

    Jason Wise talks to Schramsberg Winemaker Hugh Davies about the 2022 Napa Harvest, the history of Napa, and what it is like to watch Napa explode the way it has since his parents started their iconic winery.

  • A Closer Look at The Mâconnais

    Take a closer look at this beautiful region in Southern Burgundy, known for producing white wines with great value.

  • FOOD & WINE Drink a Bottle with Erik Segelbaum and Claire Coppi

    Reflecting on their recent trip to Israel, Erik and Claire pour a glass and discuss the wines and the regions.