The History of Wine Podcast

The History of Wine Podcast

13 Episodes

Hosted by sommelier and restaurateur, Matthew Kaner, Season One focuses on the Americas. Travel back in time to see how the regions were planted with vines and how struggles and historical events formed the wine we drink today. Part of the SOMM TV Podcast Network.

The History of Wine Podcast
  • History Of Wine: Chile

    Episode 1

    Matthew is joined by Julio Bouchon from Bouchon Family Wines and Longaví Wines wines to discuss the history of wine in Chile. Julio’s family history uniquely mirrors Chile’s adaptation to Bordeaux varieties.

  • History Of Wine: New York

    Episode 2

    Matthew is joined by Cha McCoy, a sommelier, New York resident, and founder of Cha Squared Consulting, as they discuss the history of wine in New York including Dr. Konstanin Frank’s work in the Finger Lakes.

  • History Of Wine: California Part 1

    Episode 3

    Matthew talks with Elaine Chukan Brown, Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews & American Wine Reviewer for, about the history of wine in California and how it was influenced by the Gold Rush.

  • History Of Wine: Mexico

    Episode 4

    Matthew Kaner is joined by Taylor Grant, Co-Owner of Tresomm Wine, to discuss the history of wine in Mexico. When the Spanish Missionaries landed in Mexico, they left behind their language and their love of the vine.

  • History Of Wine: Texas

    Episode 5

    Matthew Kaner talks with Tiffany Tobey, Sommelier/GM at Thirty Eight & Vine and Texas Wine Advocate, about the history of wine in Texas and the role it played in saving Bordeaux.

  • History Of Wine: Argentina

    Episode 6

    Matthew Kaner is joined by Shelbi Herring, owner of Copa Fina Imports, to share the history of wine in Argentina and a Bordeaux grape that performs so well there it may as well have a new origin.

  • History Of Wine: Oregon

    Episode 7

    Matthew Kaner talks with John House, Owner/Winemaker of Ovum Wines, about the history of wine in Oregon and how a short history from the 1960s exploded into a known prowess of growing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

  • History Of Wine: Bolivia

    Episode 8

    Matthew Kaner is joined by Tealye Long, Partner/Co-Founder of Chufly Imports to discuss how grapes were first brought to Bolivia by Jesuits in the 1500s, and to this day they still do things the old way.

  • History Of Wine: Virginia

    Episode 9

    Matthew Kaner is joined by Julia Coney, founder of Black Wine Professionals, and wine columnist Frank Morgan to chronicle Thomas Jefferson’s contributions to the founding of the VA wine industry and how it got to modern day expansion.

  • History Of Wine: Uruguay

    Episode 10

    Matthew Kaner talks with Christian Wylie, Managing Director of Bodega Garzón, about the history of wine in Uruguay. The Tannat grape arrived in 1870 and now 150 years later it is the pillar of their burgeoning wine industry.

  • History Of Wine: Washington

    Episode 11

    Matthew Kaner talks with Jackson Rohrbaugh, MS and owner of Crunchy Red Fruit wine club, about the history of wine in Washington State. While Washington is well known for Seattle, Puget Sound, grunge music, coffee, and lots of big tech companies, travel east of the Cascade Mountains to a desert o...

  • History Of Wine: Arizona

    Episode 12

    Matthew Kaner is joined by Maynard James Keenan, Owner/Winemaker of Caduceus Cellars (yeah, you may know him from Tool and A Perfect Circle) to discuss Arizona’s wine history and how elevation plays a role in the cultivation of vines.

  • History Of Wine: California Part 2

    Episode 13

    In California Part 2, Matthew is joined by Dave Gibbs, owner of Augustine, Mirabelle, and Sushi Note, to pen their love letter to memorable winemakers and vintage Napa wines.