Portugal Collection

Portugal Collection

Portugal is a tiny country with a wide variety of wine regions, grapes and flavor profiles. Very approachable on both the palate and the pocketbook, it warrants further exploration.

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Portugal Collection
  • A Closer Look at Portugal

    Discover the breathtaking wine-growing regions of Portugal as we explore the country's history, culture, viticulture, and cuisine.

  • Wines of Portugal Master Class: Regions

    Take a deep dive into the picturesque wine regions of Portugal. Acclaimed wine writer, Elaine Chukan Brown takes you on a journey that traverses the diverse regions in Portugal dedicated to making some of the great wines of the world.

  • Wines of Portugal Master Class: Grapes

    Take a deep dive into Portugal's diverse grape varieties. Acclaimed wine writer Elaine Chukan Brown takes you on a journey through Portugal, delving into the most celebrated grapes that make some of the world's great wines.

  • An Intro to the Wines of Portugal

    Portugal is one of the world’s great wine and culinary treasures. In this podcast, Jason Wise is joined by writer Elaine Chukan Brown to talk about and gush over the basics of the wines and regions of Portugal.

  • A Deep Dive on Portugal

    Lets take a deep dive into one of the great wine destinations, Portugal. Jason Wise and Elaine Chukan Brown talk about the regions, grapes, and wines across this incredible country.

  • The Extended Paris Tasting

    Extended scene from SOMM 3 where Jancis, Fred, and Steven share pivotal bottles from their careers.

  • An Intro to Fortified Wines

    Learn about the history, process, and types of fortified wines.

  • An Intro to Corks

    Find out about corks, TCA, and more.