Royal India

Royal India

12 Episodes

Samira returns to India in search of secrets from India’s Royal families. She travels to fabulous palaces, meets Kings and Princesses, and cooks with Royal chefs to bring you their favorite dishes.

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Royal India
  • Royal India Ep1: Samira arrives in Agra

    Episode 1

    Once the capital of the Indian Empire and home of the iconic Taj Mahal, one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Samira sets up an outdoor kitchen and whips up some of her best recipes.

  • Royal India Ep2: Agra

    Episode 2

    Samira learns more royal recipes in Agra and a Royal dance that once graced the courts of kings going back to the 17th century, before getting ready to hit the road to Jaipur.

  • Royal India Ep3: Jaipur

    Episode 3

    Samira arrives at Jaipur where she visits a Royal medieval fort, enjoys high tea in opulent settings with a local CEO, and she prepares for her visit to see the city’s princess.

  • Royal India Ep4: City Palace Jaipur

    Episode 4

    Samira arrives at the City Palace Jaipur, where after a tour of the magnificent palace grounds and buildings, she sits down with one of India’s most fascinating royals, the Princess Diya Kumari.

  • Royal India Ep5: Samode Palace

    Episode 5

    Samira visits the Samode Place and gets a cooking lesson from one of the head chefs.

  • Royal India Ep6: Rajastan

    Episode 6

    Samira visits a 300 year old fort and meets the royal owner who tells her stories of his ancestors and their history, before going to another well known palace to cook a very unusual dish.

  • Royal India Ep7: Udaipur

    Episode 7

    Samira visits Lake Pichola with a private boat ride and a tea.

  • Royal India Ep8: Udaipur, the White City

    Episode 8

    Settled on Lake Nichola, Udaipur is home to one of India’s oldest Royal families, Samira takes a high speed boat ride to meet His Highness Prince Lakshya Raj to cook some of cities most regal dishes.

  • Royal India Ep9: Simla (Scandal Point)

    Episode 9

    Samira looks at the scandals involving royalty, delicious recipes and roams around town in search of the authentic heart of this hilly station.

  • Royal India Ep10: Shimla

    Episode 10

    Samira visits Shimla, nestled betwixt the snowy summits of the stately majestic Himalayas.

  • Royal India Ep11: V&A exhibit

    Episode 11

    Samira is the only camera crew allowed to film the V&A exhibit of the stunning Royal Indian Jewelry, with the Chief Jewelry curator of the V&A Museum.

  • Royal India Ep12: London

    Episode 12

    Samira visits London's oldest wine cellar at Berry Bros & Rudd.