Short Pours

Short Pours

3 Episodes

Short form documentaries and thoughts from some of the leading food and wine professionals. Between 3-7 minutes in length.

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Short Pours
  • Adele "Boots" Brounstein

    Episode 1

    Boots Brounstein was the co-founder of Diamond Creek Vineyard. Her husband, Al, separated his vineyard by terroir and they were the first ones to sell their wine for $100. She recently pased away at the age of 92, leaving a legacy of kindness and innovation in the Napa valley. This was one of h...

  • The Real Bottle Shock

    Episode 2

    In 2008, a film came out about the 1976 Judgment of Paris. It featured Alan Rickman as Steven Spurrier and an all-star cast set in Napa. There was only one problem, Steven Spurrier wasn't told. Hear Steven and Bella Spurrier's thoughts on the film and being portrayed by the iconic actor.

  • Old Bottles at Ridge Vineyards

    Episode 3

    Prior to Prohibition, many wineries labeled their wines after names of French wines, regardless of what was actually in the bottle. Paul Draper walks us through some pre-Prohibition bottles from Ridge Vineyards.