Sip Trip - Italy

Sip Trip - Italy

14 Episodes

Covering Italy’s best wineries and wine regions and shot entirely on location, Sip Trip is hosted by sommelier Jeff Porter as he travels with friends to over 40 wineries and wine regions from Alto Adige to Sicily and explores the culture and history of Italy.

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Sip Trip - Italy
  • Sip Trip | Episode 1: Bubbles

    Episode 1

    The world is a lot bubblier than just Champagne. The Sip Trip crew goes from Milan to Venice, discovering just what makes Italian bubbles pop.

  • Sip Trip | Episode 2: Criss x Cross

    Episode 2

    Orvieto to Rome to San Benedetto del Tronto to Naples all in 36 hours! Sounds exhausting BUT when Jeff is on a hunt for great food and wine, time is relative. Sip Trip also sees how Italy is training the next generation of hospitality workers and enjoys some sparkling wine on the beaches of March...

  • Sip Trip | Episode 3: No Borders

    Episode 3

    Jeff gets a history lesson that spans over a thousand years and learns that vines know no borders. Though governments may draw boundaries, the people, the vines, and the food just don't care.

  • Sip Trip | Episode 4: Giro d’Amarone

    Episode 4

    Jeff finds himself in Verona, the home of Romeo & Juliet, to learn the ins and outs of one of Italy’s most famous red wines: Amarone. Along the way Jeff is raced up a mountain, has to eat some horses & learns the way of café culture. 

  • Sip Trip | Episode 5: Digging Deep, More than Amarone

    Episode 5

    Jeff’s journey through the Veneto is NOT complete without digging deeper into the great wines AND minds of the region. To better understand what makes the region so great Jeff goes fossil hunting & along the way forgets his wine key and glasses...but when there are thirsty people about...a way is...

  • Sip Trip | Episode 6: Classics are ALWAYS in style!

    Episode 6

    Between Florence & Siena, two of the most famous cities in Europe, Jeff discovers the history, legends, and passions of those who make one of the world’s most famous wines: Chianti Classico.

  • Sip Trip | Episode 7: This Dog Can Hunt

    Episode 7

    What does it take to find one of the world’s greatest wine pairings? Get up super early, be really cold, fall in some mud and have a great truffle hunting dog. Jeff is in the heart of Barolo & Barbaresco in TRUFFLE season...what could be better?

  • Sip Trip | Episode 8: More Than Meets the Eye

    Episode 8

    Jeff only scratched the surface on his last trip to Piedmont searching for truffles. Now Jeff explores where the Slow Food movement was created, gets farming lessons & yes...more gelato!

  • Sip Trip | Episode 9: It Always Comes Around

    Episode 9

    Racing down the spice of Italy we find Jeff in Umbria, Le Marche and Puglia discovering wines and regions whose fame faded but are roaring back.

  • Sip Trip | Episode 10: You will always NEED to come back

    Episode 10

    The moment you step foot on the island of Sicily, you will ALWAYS NEED to come back. Jeff road trips across the entire island learning all along the way why he’s already planning his next trip. 

  • Sip Trip | Episode 11: The Wild West

    Episode 11

    Is this even Italy? One of the most unexpected adventures, Jeff explores one of the most unique wine growing parts of the world, from vines planted on the beach to the mountains….it is all wild. 

  • Sip Trip | Episode 12: It’s More Than Super

    Episode 12

    The allure of Tuscany is too much for Jeff. He returns with the team to hunt down wines that defy expectations and help forge the NEW path for Tuscany.

  • Sip Trip | Episode 13: From Wood to Grapes

    Episode 13

    Just over 50 years ago, Montalcino’s greatest export was wood. Today it is one of the most famous wine regions in the world. Jeff explores the region, its food & gets on a horse.

  • Sip Trip | Episode 14: Past is Prologue

    Episode 14

    Jeff has traveled over 10,000 miles across Italy in search of a better understanding of Italy’s people through what they drink. In his last trip we are back in Piedmonte to explore what was once the most prosperous city in the region, Asti, and its amazing historic grape Barbera.