Sommelier's Notebook

Sommelier's Notebook

32 Episodes

From grapes to glassware to acidity, here's a look at a sommelier's world.

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Sommelier's Notebook
  • An Intro to Barrels

    Episode 1

    Learn about barrels and how they affect the wine.

  • An Intro to Grenache

    Episode 2

    Master Sommelier Sabato Sagaria walks us through the world of Grenache.

  • An Intro to Smoke Taint

    Episode 3

    Learn how nearby fires and smoke taint affects the vines, the grapes, and the wine with Jonah Beer and Steve Matthiasson.

  • An Intro to Pruning

    Episode 4

    Learn all about pruning vines including when, why, and how. Features Raj Parr, Meghan Zobeck, Shakera Jones, Steve Matthiasson, and Ted Henry.

  • An Intro to Lees and Racking

    Episode 5

    Learn all about lees and how they affect the wine as well as the process of racking.

  • An Intro to Soil

    Episode 6

    Discover what's really beneath your feet and how it affects the vines and the wine.

  • An Intro to Pinot Noir

    Episode 7

    Learn about Pinot Noir with Master Sommelier Sabato Sagaria.

  • An Intro to Geology

    Episode 8

    Learn about the rocks and soil and how they affect the wine. Featuring geologist Brenna Quigley and Matthew Kaner.