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The SOMM TV Podcast
  • Wine News Roulette

    Episode 1

    A river of wine in the streets, millions of dollars to dispose of Bordeaux, Miller High Life destroyed for being “the Champagne of beers”. We are rounding up all the insane wine news in today’s podcast. Director Jason Wise also talks about why the next SOMM Film, “Cup of Salvation” took so damn ...

  • Bourgogne’s Future Part 2

    Episode 2

    We talk with Laurène Drouhin Boss 5th generation member of the Drouhin Bourgogne wine family about growing up in wine and the future of her famous region. We also talk about our upcoming SOMM Film: Cup of Salvation. To get tickets for the first screenings go to

  • German Wine Laws

    Episode 3

    Today we dive into the complex and humorous world of German Wine Laws. If you have ever studied for a wine exam or picked up a bottle of German wine, you have been touched by one of the most complex sets of rules in the beverage world. For more on all things Germany make sure to subscribe to so...

  • German Wine 101

    Episode 4

    Today we talk about one of our favorite wine countries: Germany. It is a lot more than just off dry Riesling and beer. We look at this incredible place and talk the history, the wine, and why it is one of the best values in wine today. Want to learn more about Germany? has hours of ...

  • Are Wine Certifications Needed?

    Episode 5

    Today we discuss the journey of two very accomplished women through their studies with the Court of Master Sommeliers and more. Some big issues like the scandals that have plagued these organizations and some questions like do we even need wine certifications anymore are talked about. You can a...

  • Bourgogne, Next Generation Part 1

    Episode 6

    Bourgogne has set the mark for the best expression of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay for a thousand years, but the future is on the minds of the next generation. Today we talk to the next generation making wine at Domaine Merlin in the Maconnais about working with family, growing up in wine, and clim...

  • The World According to Rajat Parr

    Episode 7

    Renowned winemaker Rajat Parr joins the podcast to talk about his career, sommeliers, and how winemaking takes place on a farm. Make sure to subscribe to SOMMTV.COM to watch our new documentary on the next generation of Bourgogne winemaking and watch this episode plus hundreds of hours of the be...

  • In Gamay We Trust

    Episode 8

    Two winemakers join the podcast today to talk about the sneaky next big grape for wine: Gamay. Famous in Beaujolais, this grape has been marginalized for centuries by Pinot Noir, but it is now standing in the sun. Join Meghan Zobeck of M Zobeck Wines and John Adams of Wildsound Wine as we talk ...

  • Generation Willamette

    Episode 9

    On today's episode we talk to Tahmiene Momtazi from Maysara winery about the hilarious process of working with her family in the business of winemaking in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Tahmiene makes some of the best pinot Noir in the United States and her story of how she became a winemaker is a ...

  • Aspen Food and Wine Classic 2023

    Episode 10

    SOMM TV is at the Aspen Food and Wine Classic and this year we are holding a blind tasting competition with the most difficult wine: bubbles. We are seeking out the best of the best to attempt to blind taste sparkling wines, but what really goes into knowing how to do that? On today's pod we ca...

  • More Than a Win

    Episode 11

    Our SOMM TV original film "The Whole Animal" beat some of the biggest competition at the James Beard Awards last week, but it means a lot more than that. The SOMM TV team discusses the award and what it could mean for food. We also preview our upcoming competition show at Aspen food and wine cl...

  • I Dream of Pinot

    Episode 12

    On today's podcast we talk about Pinot Noir and about an extraordinary Sonoma vineyard that was built on a dream. Diane Carpenter of Ross Knoll Vineyard and Kelly Cornett of "A Cork in the Road" join Jason Wise to talk about this finicky, wonderful grape and discuss some of the great places it g...

  • Speaking Rosé

    Episode 13

    Rosé is on every shelf, it floods our glasses all year and there seems to be no end to the amount that is made, but is there still any artistry to this wine? On today's podcast, famed winemaker Steve Matthiasson discusses the story of our obsession with pink wine and how where it fits into the w...

  • Chablis

    Episode 14

    We need to talk about Chardonnay, a grape that makes some of the greatest wines on earth, but also might be the most over exposed. When we talk Chablis we talk about the best and most pure of what Chardonnay is and we are due to discuss this high acid wine. Today's pod sees legendary winemaker Ch...

  • Broken Noses & Wine Cellars

    Episode 15

    Nicolas Deslauriers is a wine collector, loves to find new wines and travel to drink them where they were made. Nicolas Deslauriers is also one of the most known enforcers in Hockey and gets paid to fight on the ice, this has led to some issues with his smelling and tasting wine. On today's podc...

  • Sabato Sagaria & a Historic Restaurant

    Episode 16

    Master Sommelier and SOMM Film alumni Sabato Sagaria has quickly become one of America's most successful restauranteurs. He has set his talents on reopening the storied 1/5th restaurant in New York City and on today's podcast we break down the challenges, excitement, and weight of history on his...

  • The Whole Animal is Nominated for a James Beard Award

    Episode 17

    SOMM TV is nominated for a James Beard award for a second straight year, this time for our original film "The Whole Animal". We talk about what that award means and James Beard's legacy in the culinary world, then Jason Wise speaks with Alex Monsour who composed the orchestral score for the Whole...

  • Cam Ward Makes Wine

    Episode 18

    Stanley Cup winning Hockey player Cam Ward and his partner Jason Earnest join the podcast today to talk about "Vineyard 36" in Napa Valley which has become a staple amongst NHL players celebrating victory. There is a very special offer to get a year of SOMM TV for only 25$! go to SOMMTV.COM and ...

  • Malbec Day

    Episode 19

    Malbec is the luckiest grape in the world. It has been loved, forgotten, disregarded, and brought back to life like a phoenix. The story of Malbec is crazier than any writer could make up and has to come to define countries yet still has lots to discover. Let's discuss the tale of the rise and...

  • Dustin Wilson

    Episode 20

    Since the first SOMM Film released, cast member Dustin Wilson has become one of the most influential restauranteurs, created one of NYC’s most important wine shops, and inspired many to follow a path into wine. On today’s podcast Dustin and Jason Wise unpack a decade of feelings about the wine b...

  • Jason Priestley Makes Wine

    Episode 21

    On today’s episode we speak to Canadian actor Jason Priestley who with his partner Terry David Mulligan make wine in Canada’s Okanagan Valley. We talk wine in Canada, 90210, and what Jason & the cast of “Tombstone” actually drank on set.

  • Absinthe

    Episode 22

    Absinthe, the mysterious green drink has been the stuff of legend and controversy since its invention. Today Jason Wise and bartender Amanda Sasser break down the fact, fiction, history, and best bottles of this iconic drink. Subscribe to to watch this episode and hundreds more right ...

  • Wine & Bank Failure

    Episode 23

    After a tip from a leading venture Capitalist, Silicon Valley Bank found itself almost a billion dollars overdrawn. Over the next two days the American wine world found itself more financially exposed than they had imagined was possible. On today's podcast Jason Wise speaks with Sarah Puil who ...

  • Winery Dogs

    Episode 24

    On today's podcast we talk about the best thing about wineries besides the wine, dogs. Winery dogs never get the spotlight, but today is the day. we count down our favorite dogs we have filmed with since the first SOMM Film and all of our episodes on SOMM TV. You can watch this episode streamin...