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Explore the personal history of a winery or winemaker through the vintages of wine that defined them.

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  • Verticals Episode 1: Lagier Meredith

    Episode 1

    One of the most underrated wineries in Napa is run by only two people.

  • Verticals: Schramsberg

    Episode 2

    A look into the personal archives of one of America's most iconic and daring wineries has to be seen to be believed.

  • Verticals Episode 3: Chappellet

    Episode 3

    One of the founding families of modern day Napa, the Chappellets have helped defined high-quality cabernet with fruit from their estate on Pritchard Hill.

  • Verticals Episode 4: Corison

    Episode 4

    A winemaking journey spanning 45 years, Cathy Corison has found herself loved by collectors, sommeliers, and critics, but her path wasn’t always easy. This is the story of a woman with incredible talent and drive to become a winemaker in the Napa Valley.

  • Verticals Episode 5: Matthiasson

    Episode 5

    Jill and Steve Matthiasson have defied the norms of Napa since the moment they began making wine. By starting with farming, they have crafted a very different wine than many expect from the Napa Valley.

    You can experience the spirit of the family-owned, organic Matthiasson Winery for yourself w...

  • Verticals Episode 6: Ridge Part 1

    Episode 6

    Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Ridge has been making single-vineyard wine since 1962. Journey with Paul Draper into the history of the winery and the significance of the ’71 vintage in the Judgment of Paris.

  • Verticals Episode 7: Ridge Part 2

    Episode 7

    Continued from part 1, this episode takes a look into the experimentation of wine at Ridge, White Zinfandel, and the transition from Paul Draper to Eric Baugher.

  • Verticals Episode 8: RAEN

    Episode 8

    Carlo Mondavi continues a legacy of winemaking at his Sonoma Coast winery.