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  • SOMM: Cup of Salvation

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    A father and daughter confront war and an impossible country to show what wine means to humankind. Cup of Salvation continues the acclaimed SOMM film series.
    Streams for all SOMM TV subscribers February 23rd with hours of bonus content.

  • The Whole Animal

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    A new documentary from the award-winning team that made SOMM takes the viewer to five countries through the pages of a mysterious cookbook to experience how using the Whole Animal and wasting nothing can teach us as much about our food as it can about the culture that made it. Subscribers can wat...

  • The Delicacy

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    The story of a rare and exotic food, the sea urchin, and how it’s harvested, how it’s eaten, and the role it plays in nature and the lives of those who bring it to the table. With commentary from some of the most influential and prolific voices in the culinary world, the film follows a group of s...

  • Decanted

    What does it take to make it in Napa Valley? Find out in this feature-length documentary on the region and the winemakers who call Napa home and a new winery, Italics Winegrowers. Explore what it takes to succeed at building a brand, staking a claim, and realizing a lifelong dream.