Drink a Bottle

Drink a Bottle

21 Episodes

Friends, coworkers, and sometimes strangers sit down to share a special bottle and discuss life.

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Drink a Bottle
  • Drink a Bottle with Ian and DLynn

    Episode 1

    Ian Cauble and DLynn Proctor share a 1986 Mayacamas in this never-before-seen extended clip.

  • Drink a Bottle with DLynn and Zion

    Episode 2

    DLynn Proctor sits down with Zion Curiel, beverage director at Carneros Ranch and Spa, to discuss their journeys in wine as they enjoy a bottle of 1988 Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Drink a Bottle with DLynn and Jonah

    Episode 3

    DLynn Proctor sits down with longtime friend Jonah Beer, general manager of Frog Leap's Winery, to discuss history and winemaking as they enjoy a 1996 Frog's Leap Zinfandel and a 2003 Frog's Leap Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Drink a Bottle with Claire and Andrew

    Episode 4

    Claire Coppi and Andrew Pattison sit down at Augustine to share two special bottles.

  • Drink a Bottle with Claire and Jeff

    Episode 5

    Claire Coppi and Jeff Porter share a special bottle of 1977 Novaj Merlot from Hungary.

  • Drink a Bottle with Ted and Olav

    Episode 6

    In celebration of Repeal Day, winemaker Ted Henry and Olav Goelet open up an 1824 Madeira that was recorked in 1919, just prior to Prohibition.

  • Drink a Bottle with Joel and Kyle

    Episode 7

    Kyle MacLachlan and Joel McHale meet up to share a few bottles of wine and chat about their careers. Stay until the end for cake.

  • Drink a Bottle with Elaine and Kelli

    Episode 8

    Friends and wine writers Elaine Chukan Brown and Kelli White meet in Napa to drink wine together and talk about life.

  • Drink a Bottle with Meghan and Graeme

    Episode 9

    Winemaker Meghan Zobeck (Burgess) and winemaker Graeme MacDonald (MacDonald) meet in Napa to open some older bottles as they share stories of Napa history.

  • Drink a Bottle with Priyanka and Meghan

    Episode 10

    Priyanka French, winemaker at Signorello, and Meghan Zobeck, winemaker at Burgess, share two wines as they discuss life and harvest.

  • Drink a Bottle - Heitz Cellars

    Episode 11

    The 46th anniversary of the Judgment of Paris is coming and so is our upcoming feature film about the event! To celebrate we have a special episode of “Drink a Bottle” with the host of CNN’s “Nomad” Carlton McCoy and longtime Heitz Vineyard manager Mark Neal drinking the famous and incredibly rar...

  • Drink a Bottle on Mt. Vesuvius

    Episode 12

    Lindsay Gabbard and Alessandro from the Roscioli Wine Club in Rome, Italy, meet for a drink at the crater’s edge of Mt. Vesuvius.

  • Drink a Bottle - Mayacamas

    Episode 13

    To continue our celebration of the Judgment of Paris, this episode features winemaker Braiden Albrecht as he opens the 1971 Cabernet Sauvignon featured in the Paris Wine Tasting of 1976.

  • Drink a Bottle - Late Harvest Mayacamas

    Episode 14

    Wine legends Jean Arnold Sessions and Bernard Portet open the wine that inspired the Judgment of Paris tasting.

  • Drink a Bottle - Ridge Vineyards

    Episode 15

    In this special extended scene, winemaker and legend Paul Draper opens his 1971 Cabernet Sauvignon that was featured in the Judgment of Paris.

  • Drink a Bottle - Clos du Val

    Episode 16

    Steven Spurrier is joined by DLynn Proctor, Madeline Puckette, and Steve Matthiasson as they open the 1972 Clos du Val from the Judgment of Paris.

  • Drink a Bottle with Meghan and Claire

    Episode 17

    Winemaker Meghan Zobeck and sommelier Claire Coppi drink an extremely rare 1979 vintage of Burgess Cellars Cabernet.

  • Drink a Bottle with Armen and Aimee

    Episode 18

    Armen Khachaturian sits down with Aimee Keushguerian to taste a variety of Armenian wines.

  • Drink A Bottle with Maurizio Zanella and Jason Wise

    Episode 19

    Maurizio Zanella and Jason Wise drink a special bottle of Franciacorta that's opened for the first time in the United States — 1980 Annamaria Clementi.

  • Drink a Bottle with Rebecca Phillips and Claire Coppi

    Episode 20

    Claire Coppi sits down with friend and sommelier, Rebecca Phillips to discuss and enjoy two Armenian traditional method sparkling wines. They talk about the history of winemaking in Armenia, its top grape varieties, and how both a brut and a brut rosé taste in the glass.

  • Drink a Bottle with Tony Parker and Jason Wise

    Episode 21

    4x NBA Champion Tony Parker and Jason Wise open a birth year wine and a Provence rosé as they discuss Tony's second career in wine and their mutual love of rosé.