A Glass For Every Palate Podcast

A Glass For Every Palate Podcast

2 Seasons

Hosted by Shakera Jones, part of the SOMM TV Podcast Network, find out the wines that changed the lives of the most influential people in the wine and culinary worlds.

A Glass For Every Palate Podcast
  • A Glass For Every Palate: Maryam Ahmed

    Episode 1

    Shakera Jones and Maryam Ahmed, a Napa-based entrepreneur, talk about hospitality education, the Culinary Institute of America, diversity, and the theme of community.

  • A Glass For Every Palate: Nadine Brown

    Episode 2

    Shakera and Nadine Brown, somm wine judge, former Wine Director Charlie Palmer D.C and wine writer, discuss Nadine's journey into the wine world, balancing motherhood, and the theme of steadfastness.

  • A Glass For Every Palate: Jackie Summers

    Episode 3

    Shakera and Jackie Summers, writer, entrepreneur, and public speaker, talk about Sorel liquor, Caribbean culture, and the theme of audacity.

  • A Glass For Every Palate: Heini Zachariassen

    Episode 4

    Shakera and Heini Zachariassen, founder of Vivino, discuss technology, Heini’s wine journey, and the theme of innovation.

  • A Glass For Every Palate: Donae Burston

    Episode 5

    Shakera and Donae Burston, founder and CEO of La Fête du Rosé, discuss expanding your palate, diversity in the wine industry, and the theme of being a rebel.

  • A Glass For Every Palate: Dustin Wilson

    Episode 6

    Shakera and Dustin Wilson, SOMM film star and of Verve Wine and One White Street, discuss starting a restaurant, the Court scandal, and the theme of evolving.

  • A Glass For Every Palate: Tonya Pitts

    Episode 7

    Shakera and Tonya Pitts, sommelier, wine and food consultant, and writer, talk about changes in the hospitality industry, wine advice, and the theme of grace under fire.

  • A Glass For Every Palate: The Swirl Suite

    Episode 8

    Shakera talks with members of the Swirl Suite about their entrance into wine, food pairings, and the theme of collaboration.

  • A Glass for Every Palate: Marcus Samuelsson

    Episode 9

    Shakera and Marcus Samuelsson, chef, restaurateur, and author, talk about how food plays a role in community, culture and cookbooks, and the theme of renaissance.

  • Glass for Every Palate: Carla Hall

    Episode 10

    Shakera and Carla Hall, chef, author, restaurateur, talk about cookbooks, celebration food, and the theme of joy.

  • A Glass for Every Palate: Carlton McCoy

    Episode 11

    Shakera and Carlton McCoy, Master Sommelier, CEO of Heitz Cellar, and cofounder of The Roots Fund, discuss Court scandals, barriers to entry, and the theme of adaptability.

  • A Glass For Every Palate: Art Murray

    Episode 12

    Shakera Jones and Arthur Murray, President of Flambeaux Wine, discuss the transition from environmental law to wine, the Sonoma fires, and the theme of family.

  • A Glass For Every Palate: Jermaine Stone

    Episode 13

    On this season 2 premiere, Shakera Jones and Jermaine Stone, of Wine and Hip-hop and Cru Luv, talk about his entrance into the wine world, music, and the theme of authenticity.