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SOMM TV Free Tastings

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SOMM TV Free Tastings
  • Sparklers: Ep 1 | The Honey Dish

    In the premiere episode of Sparklers, the cast meets in Oregon to pair Lytle-Barnett sparkling wine with local honey for the Perfect Bite challenge. Featuring guest judge Emily Schmiedel, a top beekeeper in Oregon.

  • Sparklers: Ep 2 | The Foraging Dish

    The Main Dish challenge is to create a dish inspired by Chef Karl Holl and pair it with Lytle-Barnett sparkling wine.

  • Verticals Episode 1: Lagier Meredith

    One of the most underrated wineries in Napa is run by only two people.

  • Verticals S2: Mayacamas

    One of Napa’s most historic and respected wineries kept their style of winemaking the same when everyone else changed. Sitting at the top of the Mayacamas Range from which it gets its name, Mayacamas is extremely difficult to get an appointment, but this episode takes you into a never-before-seen...

  • An Intro to Pinot Noir

    Learn about Pinot Noir with Master Sommelier Sabato Sagaria.

  • An Intro to Tannins

    An explanation of tannins.

  • Chef's Notebook: Chimichurri

    Visually experience the creation of chimichurri sauce with Chef Matias Mansilla at Siete Fuegos Restaurant in Argentina.

  • A Closer Look at Chablis

    Take a closer look at Chablis in Burgundy, France.

  • BYOB: Armenia

    This week on “BYOB,” we’re drinking not only one, but two Armenian wines! Learn all about one of Armenia’s most predominant white grapes, Voskehat, and take a deeper dive into the pivotal red grape, Areni. Both of these wines feature heavily in the newest SOMM film, “Cup of Salvation,” and are mo...

  • Tasting Notes: Old Vine Angelica

    Join Claire Coppi as she enjoys Angelica wine from arguably the oldest vine in the World. Our original documentary "The Oldest Vine" comes December 12th to SOMM TV.

  • Tasting Notes: A Chardonnay Comparison

    Rajat Parr walks through the differences in a Chardonnay from Jura and one from Oregon.

  • Behind The Glass: Santa Margherita

    Santa Margherita wines hardly need an introduction. They are one of the largest and most popular producers in the world. Behind this massive operation is a family. Third generation Stefano Marzotto and his son, Vittorio weave the story of their family and wine through memories, food, and a bottle...

  • FOOD & WINE Drink a Bottle with CJ McCollum and Jason Wise

    Jason Wise and basketball star/winemaker CJ McCollum sit down in Aspen to pour some wine and chat about his journey into wine, basketball, winemaking, his Oregon vines, and who really knows the most about wine in the NBA.

  • PAIRINGS: Rimessa Roscioli

    The second episode that looks at the sommeliers and chefs who create the world’s best restaurants. Perfection lies between food and beverage.

  • Blind Tasting Sessions: Episode 9 | Jessica & Pete Stolpman

    Spouses Jessica & Pete Stolpman of Stolpman Vineyards sit down for a blind tasting with each other.

  • Cooking with Wine: Provence - Rosé

    Journey to Provence with Chef Kate Hill's Agneau, Artichauts et Citrons Confit glazed with Rosé in the wood oven.