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The SOMM TV Podcast
  • Malort: The Devil's Drink

    Episode 1

    If you know what Malort is, you have a story - this is ours.

    On today’s podcast we are joined by Chicago raised sommelier Claire Coppi to discuss the history, uses and personal stories around this wild liquor called Malort we love to hate.

    We also discuss the upcoming release of our new fil...

  • America’s Founding Drink

    Episode 2

    What drink did the founding fathers of America choose to toast the deceleration of independence?

    On today’s podcast we chart the path of an unlikely island wine with a strange chemical property from obscurity to becoming the most important drink in America and the face of it’s biggest events fo...

  • NBA to Rosé

    Episode 3

    The NBA and wine seem to be one and the same now, but one player was way ahead of the trend (being raised in France didn't hurt!).

    On today's podcast Jason talks to 4x NBA champion Tony Parker about why Rosé is the most underrated wine on earth, if Spurs coach Greg Popovich is the best restau...

  • The Best American Sparkling Wine Region

    Episode 4

    Can America truly compete with Champagne? There is an argument it’s already happening in Oregon. Today we are joined by Andy Lytle who is at the forefront of putting American bubbles on a world stage and building the next Grand Cru Sparkling region tight here in the USA.

  • Warren Winiarski

    Episode 5

    A legend of American wine is remembered on today’s episode. Warren Winiarski is best known for making the red wine that won the Judgment of Paris, but he was so much more. Winemaker Steve Matthiasson joins the podcast to talk about his mentor, the legacy he leaves, and what we have all lost wit...

  • 1971 Ridge Montebello

    Episode 6

    Legendary California winemaker Paul Draper of Ridge Vineyards joins the show today to open one of the most famous wines ever made - the 1971 Ridge Montebello.

    Paul discusses the history of Ridge vineyards from the 1800s to today and how this iconic bottle of wine fit into the 1976 Judgment of ...

  • Winemaker Takeover

    Episode 7

    Famed Napa Winemaker and star of SOMM TV & the SOMM Films: Steve Matthiasson of Matthiasson wines called and asked to take over the podcast to interview Jason Wise about stories told over drinks and years.

    On today’s podcast Steve talks life, wine, and alligators.

    On SOMM TV, you can watch o...

  • Trading Coppola Wines for a Film

    Episode 8

    Francis Ford Coppola may be known as the director of some of the greatest films ever made, but he also owned one of the most profitable brands in wine - “Coppola Wines”.

    On today’s podcast, we talk about how the sale of that winery went on to finance one of the craziest films in history “Megal...

  • The Top 10 Vintages of the Last 100 Years

    Episode 9

    On today’s podcast we are joined by one of the smartest wine collectors in Napa to rank the top 10 vintages in the last 100 years of wine. We also discuss the recent James Beard Award nomination for the newest SOMM Film.

  • Momma Needs a Drink

    Episode 10

    On today's podcast Jason is joined by two moms who know a thing about drinks. Nicole MacKay, SOMM TV's Magazine editor and Jason's real life mom choose the drinks moms want, the drinks they deserve, and the drinks they will actually get this Mother's day.

  • Argentina's Wine

    Episode 11

    Argentina has made wine for hundreds of years, but only recently has the world learned about it. On today's podcast we talk to one of the country's best sommeliers about history, Malbec, and where Argentina fits in the global wine world. Don't forget to watch our new documentary special about A...

  • Looking for Truth in Wine

    Episode 12

    How much of what we believe about wine is actually true? On today's podcast Jason Wise is joined by renowned author and professor of the history of science at Harvard University - Steven Shapin. As a historian and a lover of wine, Steven has asked some profound questions about our relationship ...

  • Dating in Wine Country

    Episode 13

    What is it like to be single in wine country? Renowned winemaker Megan Zobeck / SOMM TV cast member joins the podcast today to talk about what it’s like to date in Napa Valley and why it is hilariously worse than the challenges of making great wine.

  • Wine Cameos in Movies. Part 3

    Episode 14

    Filmmaker Jason Wise and wine expert Jonah Beer dive back into famous moments when wine appears in film and television. We break down Champagne in “Jurassic Park,” Pierce Brosnan’s wine taste in “The Thomas Crown Affair,” Nazi wine in “Band of Brothers,” and a crazy counterfeit wine scene in the ...

  • America’s Most Drank Chardonnay

    Episode 15

    Today we tell the story of America’s most popular and most drank Chardonnay. Joining us are educator Gillian Handleman and Wine Master Randy Ullom of Jackson Family Wines to tell us first hand how an idea turned into the biggest most popular wine the United States has ever seen. Learn more abou...

  • The State of Napa Tourism

    Episode 16

    How is Napa wine tourism doing so far in 2024? Today we are checking in with creators of the Cuvée app to understand the state of wine tourism and hear about how they are revolutionizing how we visit this iconic wine region.

  • The Great Organic Challenge

    Episode 17

    How do you transition one of the largest collections of the world’s top vineyards to certified organic farming and why? Chris Carpenter is leading an amazing charge across 480 planted acres of 15 estate vineyards with some of the most coveted vines in the United States. On today’s podcast he dis...

  • The World's Most Dangerous Wine

    Episode 18

    Today Jason Wise talks to the main character of his new SOMM Film about how they pulled off “that wine” in the movie. If you have seen Cup of Salvation, you know there is a wine that put people’s lives at risk, but the story of how they pulled it off in the film has not been told, until now. The ...

  • How Grafting Saved Wine

    Episode 19

    The process of joining two plants together sounds technical and far away from your glass of wine, but it is the most important discovery in wine's history. On today's podcast Winemaker John Adams of Wildsound Wine talks us through the history and process of growing two different species of vines...

  • Cliché Wine Regions

    Episode 20

    Winemaker Steve Matthiasson joins the show today to talk about wine regions that have been type casted, both fairly and unfairly to sell wine or become known to the world outside.

  • Escape from Iran

    Episode 21

    For our 200th podcast episode we tell one of the most harrowing and unbelievable stories in all of wine. "SOMM: Cup of Salvation" is now available to rent or buy on SOMM TV - to celebrate, cast member Moe Momtazi joins the podcast to tell how he and his pregnant wife escaped Iran, and survived a...

  • The Dawn of Wine

    Episode 22

    SOMM: Cup of Salvation is available to rent & buy on SOMM TV starting January 23! To celebrate we speak to world renowned grape geneticist and cast member Carole Meredith about the origin of wine grapes and how humans helped spread them across the globe. To preorder or rent the 4th SOMM Film go...

  • Tasting Notes on a Scandal

    Episode 23

    Poison in your wine, ransom letters, deception! Today we talk about some of the biggest scandals in wine you may not have heard of. Travel with us to the darker side of wine today on the SOMM TV Podcast and don’t forget to subscribe to to watch the best food and wine content anywhere ...

  • Navigating the 3-Tier System

    Episode 24

    We often hear about the 3 tier system in America, but what is it really like to deal with it on a daily basis? On today’s episode we speak to Travis Todd, a wine director turned winemaker who can break down the challenges we have created for selling wine in the United States. Don’t forget to su...