Get a taste of virtual wine with these selected pieces.

  • Drink a Bottle

    1 season

    Friends, coworkers, and sometimes strangers sit down to share a special bottle and discuss life.

  • Blind Tasting Sessions

    3 seasons

    An ongoing series where wine professionals meet to blind taste each other on wines.

  • Verticals
    2 seasons


    2 seasons

    Explore the personal history of a winery or winemaker through the vintages of wine that defined them.

    1 season


    1 season

    An inside look at the sommeliers and chefs who create the world’s best restaurants. Perfection lies between food and beverage.

  • Sip Trip - Italy

    1 season

    Covering Italy’s best wineries and wine regions and shot entirely on location, Sip Trip is hosted by sommelier Jeff Porter as he travels with friends to over 40 wineries and wine regions from Alto Adige to Sicily and explores the culture and history of Italy.

  • Behind the Glass

    1 season

    A winemaker, winery owner, or family taste three wines as they share the history and story of a winery.

  • The SOMM Trilogy Tastings

    1 season

    While filming the SOMM films, we were unable to include full versions of blind and open tastings. Here is a chance to see them in their entirety.

  • Tasting Notes

    1 season

    Find out the tasting notes in different wines through comparisons and blind tastings.

  • Weekly Wine

    1 season

    Shakera Jones provides weekly wine suggestions.

  • The Judgment of Paris collection

    12 items

    Celebrate the Anniversary of the Judgment of Paris with these videos. Full documentary coming soon, only on SOMM TV. We open the original wines, show the films inspired by the event, and learn about all the people that made this iconic event happen.

  • Winery Tours

    1 season

    Get an in-depth look at world famous wineries.

  • Bottle Stories with Rajat Parr

    Rajat Parr shares the memories associated with four special bottles he's opened and saved.

  • The Harvest Series

    1 season

    Harvest can be smooth, or it can be a stress-filled nightmare, but it is never easy. Take a look at the real time process of harvesting fruit in the world's best vineyards and orchards.

  • Winery Tastings

    1 season

    Virtual tastings with vintners and winemakers from Napa Valley.

  • German Wine Tasting: Part 1 with Jill Zimorski and Shakera Jones

    Jill Zimorksi MS and Shakera Jones taste through two German wines each as they discuss the region and pairings.

  • German Wine Tasting: Part 2 with Jill Zimorski and Shakera Jones

    Jill Zimorksi MS and Shakera Jones dive deeper into German wines, this time focusing on Riesling.