A Conversation

A Conversation

47 Episodes

A collection of conversations with influential people in the world of wine, beer, liquor, and food. From filmed podcasts, to spontaneous conversations, we have you covered with everything you need to know.

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A Conversation
  • A Conversation with Hugh Davies

    Jason Wise talks to Schramsberg Winemaker Hugh Davies about the 2022 Napa Harvest, the history of Napa, and what it is like to watch Napa explode the way it has since his parents started their iconic winery.

  • A Conversation with Tony Parker

    Jason Wise sits down with four time NBA champion to discuss basketball and wine, and how being raised in Europe changed his perspective on sports and the culinary world.

  • A Conversation with Elaine Chukan Brown and Kelli White

    Jason Wise sits down with renowned wine experts Kelli White and Elaine Chukan Brown to deliberate their three favorite wine cellars around the world. Join us as we travel the globe searching for what makes a barrel room the most interesting and what that has to do with German Heavy Metal, Austral...

  • A Conversation with Channing Frye

    NBA Champion and winemaker Channing Frye sits down to discuss the wild story of what you drink during, after and because of the NBA championship and how that involves Justin Timberlake and crying into a margarita.

  • A Conversation with Karen MacNeil

    Author Karen MacNeil discusses creating "The Wine Bible" and her career, with SOMM TV's Nicole MacKay.

  • The Most Extreme Vineyards in the World

    Get ready to have a conversation about the most extreme vineyards in the world. On today's podcast The SOMM TV staff take you to the craziest locations people are growing grapes for wine.

  • A Conversation about Ernest Hemingway's drinks

    Ernest Hemingway is a legendary drinker. Jason Wise and expert bartender Amanda Sasser get together to discuss what is fact and what is fiction about the legend of Ernest Hemingway's cocktails and exploits.

  • A Conversation About the Rothschild's South American Wineries

    Most people know about the legendary Lafite Rothschild wines of Bordeaux, but in this episode the SOMM TV team dives into the lesser known Rothschild's wines of South America.

  • SOMM TV Top 4 Bubbles for Holidays

    Jason Wise and Claire Coppi each pick four sparkling wines you want to try for the holidays including one under 20$, a major bargain under 35$, a celebration wine, and their wish list wine. Make sure to sign up or gift SOMMTV.COM to the wine and food lover in your life this holiday.

  • The Oral History of "The Hangover"

    Today we tell an oral history of “the hangover”. Join Jason Wise and Claire Coppi as we tell our personal stories, look at the history of people dealing with the aftermath of imbibing too much, and bring in a medical professional to explain what is happening to our bodies when we are hung over.

  • Aphrodisiacs in Food and Beverage

    Episode 12

    Today we dive into the strange and hilarious world of aphrodisiacs in the culinary world. Join Jason Wise and Claire Coppi as we go through some of the most famous foods and drinks that are supposed to put people in the mood. You can watch this episode on sommtv.com to see what we are talking ...

  • A Conversation About Winery Dogs

    Let's talk about our favorite winery dogs we have filmed with at SOMM TV. We travel to vineyards around the world to meet some of the best four-legged companions at wineries.

  • A Conversation with Jason Priestley

    On today’s episode we speak to Canadian actor Jason Priestley who with his partner Terry David Mulligan make wine in Canada’s Okanagan Valley. We talk wine in Canada, 90210, and what Jason & the cast of “Tombstone” actually drank on set.

  • A Conversation with Dustin Wilson

    Since the first SOMM Film released, cast member Dustin Wilson has become one of the most influential restauranteurs, created one of NYC’s most important wine shops, and inspired many to follow a path into wine. On today’s podcast Dustin and Jason Wise unpack a decade of feelings about the wine b...

  • A Conversation with Elaine Chukan Brown

    Acclaimed wine writer Elaine Chukan Brown sits down with Jason Wise of SOMM TV to discuss her native heritage, family story, and what Indigenous Peoples' day means to Native people and to the food and wine world.

  • A Conversation about Absinthe

    Absinthe is probably the most misunderstood liquor in the world. Lets talk about the controversial green drink that has inspired so many stories about art and crime. Join Bartender Amanda Sasser and Jason Wise as they break down the history, controversies, and best way to drink this famed spirit.

  • A Conversation with Cam Ward

    Stanley Cup winning Hockey player Cam Ward and his partner Jason Earnest talk about "Vineyard 36" in Napa Valley which has become a staple amongst NHL players celebrating victory.

  • A Conversation with Sabato Sagaria

    Master Sommelier and SOMM Film alumni Sabato Sagaria has quickly become one of America's most successful restauranteurs. He has set his talents on reopening the storied 1/5th restaurant in New York City, and in this episode, we break down the challenges, excitement, and weight of history on his ...

  • A Conversation about Chinese Food and Wine

    An in depth conversation about pairing the many flavors of Chinese food with wine. Join leading sommeliers and restaurant professionals Claire Coppi and Jeff Porter as they break down how to look at the complex process of Chinese food and wine together.

  • A Conversation with Nicolas Deslauriers

    Nicolas Deslauriers is a wine collector, loves to find new wines and travel to drink them where they were made. Nicolas Deslauriers is also one of the most known enforcers in Hockey and gets paid to fight on the ice, this has led to some issues with his smelling and tasting wine. On today’s conve...

  • A Conversation about Chablis

    Let's talk about the purest expression of Chardonnay and travel to Chablis in Burgundy. Famed Chablis winemaker Christian Moreau joins Jason Wise and Claire Coppi to discuss Chablis's climate, taste, evolution, and fame.

  • A Conversation about Rosé

    Rosé is on every shelf, it floods our glasses all year and there seems to be no end to the amount that is made, but is there still any artistry to this wine?

    On today’s conversation, famed winemaker Steve Matthiasson discusses the story of our obsession with pink wine and how where it fits into...

  • A Conversation about Pizza

    Nearly every culture in the world has its own version of pizza, whether it's Chicago's deep dish, France's tart, or Armenia's Lahmajoun - dough topped with a combination of ingredients is the topic of this week's conversation with wine expert and foodie Jeff Porter.

  • A Conversation about the Willamette Valley

    Jason Wise chats with Tahmiene Momtazi from Maysara in Oregon's Willamette Valley. She shares it all, from initially not wanting to pursue winemaking to becoming one of the country's most skilled Pinot Noir producers.