• SOMM: Cup of Salvation Collection

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    A father and daughter confront war and an impossible country to show what wine means to humankind. Enjoy the fourth film in the SOMM series along with hours of additional content.

  • Behind The Glass: Lytle Barnett & Aubaine

    Sparkling wine from Lytle Barnett has been at the forefront of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, becoming one of the world’s leading wine regions for over a decade. Watch the story of how a dream became a legend and how the addition of still Pinot and Chardonnay made that dream one of the great new win...

  • Cup of Salvation Presents The War Photographer

    Jonathan Alpeyrie is one of the world’s most celebrated war photographers. In this documentary he talks about his career and life around it.

  • Vine to Wine: Earth Month Collection

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    Celebrate Earth Month by learning about the creation of eco-friendly wines through the lens of sustainability and organic and biodynamic viticulture, spanning wine regions across the globe.

  • Chef's Notebook: Paella

    Watch and learn how to make a unique spin on the quintessential Spanish dish of Paella. Chef Troy Avitia takes us through the entire process, using 20 ingredients to create this delicious feast.

  • Malbec World Day

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    With French origins, the Malbec grape has become synonymous with Argentina. Celebrate Malbec World Day (April 17) with this collection of films and episodes and learn how Malbec has transformed Argentina's wine industry.

  • A Conversation with Jason Wise and Vahe Keushguerian

    A winemaker and a film director discuss how they pulled off the impossible in Iran and made the first modern wine in that country since the Islamic revolution in 1979.


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    Explore pieces from our collection that focus on women in the wine and food world.

  • Extended Tasting: Aimee Keushguerian and Steve Matthiasson

    Steve Matthiasson drinks Areni with Aimee for the first time and is blown away by the wine in this extended scene from Cup of Salvation.

  • Theatrical Premiere Q & A with Director and Cast

    Director Jason Wise speaks with the protagonist of Cup of Salvation after the Los Angeles premiere. Moderated by Sommelier Claire Coppi.

  • Creating The Score: Cup of Salvation

    A full orchestra in Budapest and Jazz ensemble create Alex Mansour’s score for “Cup of Salvation”

  • Napa Valley Vintage Update: 2022

    2022 was a unique growing season and harvest for Napa Valley. Learn from four winemakers from across the valley how they rose to the challenge, and what we can expect from this singular vintage.

  • A Closer Look at Prosecco Superiore

    Take a closer look at Prosecco Superiore, the pinnacle of quality sparkling wine in the north eastern Italian region of the Veneto.

  • Behind the Glass: Williams Selyem

    Built on a dream to make the best pinot in America and a ton of hard work, Williams Selyem ended up changing wine forever. Go behind the glass to learn how this Sonoma winery showed that pinot noir outside of France deserved a place on the world stage and how they have stayed a leader in wine.

  • 2023 Napa Valley Vintage Report

    Four winemakers across California's most esteemed wine region discuss the 2023 Napa Valley vintage.

  • Behind The Glass: Santa Margherita

    Santa Margherita wines hardly need an introduction. They are one of the largest and most popular producers in the world. Behind this massive operation is a family. Third generation Stefano Marzotto and his son, Vittorio weave the story of their family and wine through memories, food, and a bottle...

  • Drink a Bottle with Rebecca Phillips and Claire Coppi

    Claire Coppi sits down with friend and sommelier, Rebecca Phillips to discuss and enjoy two Armenian traditional method sparkling wines. They talk about the history of winemaking in Armenia, its top grape varieties, and how both a brut and a brut rosé taste in the glass.

  • Drink A Bottle with Maurizio Zanella and Jason Wise

  • The Oyster Farmer

    A lobster fisherman risks everything to start an oyster farm. This strange animal's history, ecology, and culinary uses are more tied to humans than he could have imagined.

  • Tournament of Bubbles

    Four culinary professionals compete in an impossible blind-tasting challenge filmed at the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen. Which of these highly trained pros takes home a rare and highly collected six-liter bottle of sparkling wine and claims the championship of “Tournament of Bubbles”?

  • Inheriting the Future

    In this SOMM TV original film, take a closer look at the next generation of Bourgogne, France. Defining the greatest wine in the world for centuries does not mean that you cannot embrace the future, and the winemakers of tomorrow in the storied region of Bourgogne are ready for the challenge.

  • SOMM: Cup of Salvation Trailer

    Trailer: At the crossroads of Armenia and Iran, a father and daughter must overcome war, religion, and geopolitics to establish their wines on the global stage and reclaim a 6,000-year-old tradition of winemaking.

  • International Cabernet Day

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    Cabernet Sauvignon is arguably one of the most popular grapes out there, so much so that it is currently the most planted red grape in the world. Explore our collection celebrating this famous grape, and learn all about the many different expressions of wine it is transformed into around the globe.

  • National Pinot Noir Day

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    As one of the most beloved and popular grapes in the world, Pinot Noir creates wines of beautiful elegance, finesse, complexity, and longevity. Join SOMM TV as we travel all over the world to learn more about how different winemakers and wine regions approach bottling this noble grape.