• At Home | Cinco De Mayo with Sabato Sagaria

    Master Sommelier Sabato Sagaria shares the history of Cinco de Mayo, the history of the Margarita, and shows us how to celebrate the holiday at home by making our own Margarita.

  • Behind the Glass: Spring Mountain

    An exclusive look, both then and now, at one of the most important wineries in California's history.

  • Blind Tasting Sessions: Episode 7 | Jill & Steve Matthiasson

    Spouses Jill & Steve Matthiasson, of Matthiasson Wines, sit down for a blind tasting with each other.

  • BBQ with Jeff Porter

    Jeff Porter, sommelier and host of Sip Trip, explores BBQ and wine pairings at Hometown BBQ in Brooklyn.

  • A Year in Burgundy Live Watch

    Shakera Jones and Jill Zimorski watch A Year in Burgundy as they discuss the region, the wines, and more.

  • Verticals S2: Tara Gomez

    The incredible true story of the first Native American owned and operated winery in California. Tara Gomez creates award-winning wines but for her, the word terroir has a whole different meaning.

  • Wait for Your Laugh

    Named one of the best films of the year by The New Yorker Magazine, SOMM Series director Jason Wise's film about the longest career in showbiz history, the mob, and love will transport you through 100 years of American entertainment. This is a story that should have been told long ago about a pio...

  • Study Hall with Jill Zimorski, Ep10: Service

    Jill shares practical tips and tricks for the service portion of the exam.

  • Sour Grapes

    A documentary about wine fraudster Rudy Kurniawan who befriended the rich and powerful and sold millions of dollars of fraudulent wine through the top auction houses.

  • Bottle Shock Live Watch

    Steven Spurrier and Jason Wise sat down and watched Bottle Shock together, only the second time Steven had ever seen it.

  • A Closer Look

    1 season

    Explore wines and wine regions in this new series.