• Cuban Food Stories

    Filmmaker Asori Soto returns to his Cuban homeland to search for the missing flavors of his childhood, visiting cities and remote regions to rediscover the culinary roots of Cuba.

  • Blind Tasting Sessions: Episode 11 | Jean-Charles Boisset and Gina Gallo

    Spouses Jean-Charles Boisset and Gina Gallo blind taste against each other.

  • Eat This NY

    Featuring culinary luminaries Daniel Boulud, Sirio Maccioni, Keith McNally, Drew Nieporent, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and Danny Meyer, Eat This New York is the story of two friends struggle to open a restaurant in the food capital of the world.

  • Harvest Season - Napa 2021

    An original documentary streaming only on SOMM TV featuring four Napa winemakers during the 2021 harvest.

  • Chef's Notebook: Béchamel Sauce

    George Walker III shares how to make Béchamel Sauce.

  • Sparklers trailer

    A high-stakes, high-pressure competition show based on great sparkling wine from around the world. Coming November 23rd.

  • Harvest - Napa 2021 - Trailer

    An original documentary streaming only on SOMM TV featuring the greatest winemakers in Napa during the 2021 harvest.

  • Drink a Bottle with Priyanka and Meghan

    Priyanka French, winemaker at Signorello, and Meghan Zobeck, winemaker at Burgess, share two wines as they discuss life and harvest.

  • Behind the Glass: Krug

    For generations the Krug family has attempted perfection and upped the bar each vintage. Journey inside this storied house and witness the relentless pursuit of sparkling perfection.

  • A Closer Look at Gavi

    Explore the grapes, soil, and history of Gavi in the Piedmont region of Northwest Italy.

  • Cooking with Wine

    4 videos

    Featuring renowned chef Kate Hill as she cooks through regions of France with French wine.