Chef's Notebook

Chef's Notebook

10 Episodes

From sauces to pasta to the perfect steak, here's a look at a chef's world.

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Chef's Notebook
  • Chef's Notebook: Chimichurri

    Episode 1

    Visually experience the creation of chimichurri sauce with Chef Matias Mansilla at Siete Fuegos Restaurant in Argentina.

  • Chef's Notebook: Pici Pasta

    Episode 2

    Experience the world of pici pasta with Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey and Taverna del Grappolo Blu.

  • Chef's Notebook: Baked Clams

    Episode 3

    Journey with Sabato Sagaria MS as he prepares one of his favorite meals from his childhood and a current staple in his house.

  • Chef's Notebook: Shucking Oysters

    Episode 4

    Julie Qiu, founder of In a Half Shell, demonstrates how to properly shuck an oyster.

  • Chef's Notebook: Béchamel Sauce

    Episode 5

    George Walker III shares how to make Béchamel Sauce.

  • Chef's Notebook: Hollandaise

    Episode 6

    It's time for sauces! Sparkler's star George Walker III shares the history and the recipe for great Hollandaise.

  • Chef's Notebook: Roman Pizza

    Episode 7

    Enjoy a taste of Roman Pizza with the father/son team at Antico Forno Roscioli in Rome, Italy.

  • Chef's Notebook: Mozzarella

    Episode 8

    Mozzarella is one of the most used but misunderstood cheeses in the world. We travel outside of Rome, Italy, to give you unprecedented access to the ancient process of making artisanal Mozzarella cheese. Master Sommelier and restauranteur Sabato Sagaria also tells you what to drink with this ep...

  • Chef's Notebook: Paella

    Episode 9

    Watch and learn how to make a unique spin on the quintessential Spanish dish of Paella. Chef Troy Avitia takes us through the entire process, using 20 ingredients to create this delicious feast.

  • Chef's Notebook: The Perfect Steak

    Episode 10

    Embark on a gastronomic adventure as we journey to Argentina, where the finest chefs discuss the country's beef and reveal the secrets to the perfect steak.