• SOMM Live Watch

    Join cast members Jay Fletcher, Dustin Wilson, Emily Wines, Sabato Sagaria, and director Jason Wise as they look back on the film that started it all. Click CC to have subtitles of the original film on the screen.

  • Into The Bottle Live Watch

    Cast members Carole Meredith, DLynn Proctor, Steve Matthiasson, Kelli White, Sabato Sagaria MS, and director Jason Wise sit down to watch Into the Bottle as a group. Be ready for a few laughs and some behind-the-scenes stories as they provide commentary on the second SOMM film. Click CC for subti...

  • SOMM 3 Live Watch

    Join cast members Dustin Wilson and Sarah Thomas and director Jason Wise as they watch SOMM 3 and tell behind-the-scenes stories never shared before. Click CC to have subtitles of the original film on the screen.

  • Bottle Shock Live Watch

    Steven Spurrier and Jason Wise sat down and watched Bottle Shock together, only the second time Steven had ever seen it.

  • A Year in Burgundy Live Watch

    Shakera Jones and Jill Zimorski watch A Year in Burgundy as they discuss the region, the wines, and more.

  • A Year in Champagne Drink Along

    Shakera Jones and Jill Zimorski are back with a live watch and drink along of A Year in Champagne. Tune in as they discuss the region, the wines and more.

  • Crossover with Isiah Thomas

    Featuring basketball star Isiah Thomas and his entrance into the world of Champagne.

  • More Than Wine

    5 items

    A look into series and films outside the wine world.

  • The Delicacy with Commentary

    This commentary features cast member Stephanie Mutz and director Jason Wise.

  • The Busboy with Commentary from Bobby Stuckey, MS

    The Busboy film with commentary from Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey, recorded in May 2020.

  • Armenian Wine

    Vanessa Conlin MW, Jason Wise, and Armen Khachaturian taste wines made from native Armenian grape varieties, and discuss the history and future of winemaking in Armenia.

  • German Wine Tasting: Part 1 with Jill Zimorski and Shakera Jones

    Jill Zimorksi MS and Shakera Jones taste through two German wines each as they discuss the region and pairings.

  • German Wine Tasting: Part 2 with Jill Zimorski and Shakera Jones

    Jill Zimorksi MS and Shakera Jones dive deeper into German wines, this time focusing on Riesling.

  • Wait For Your Laugh with director's commentary

    Director Jason Wise provides a commentary track through his film "Wait for Your Laugh."

  • The Bay Foundation Coastal Connections

    2 items

    This Coastal Connections two-part fundraiser celebrates everyone's connections with the coast, along with The Bay Foundation's (TBF) recent accomplishments and upcoming projects, and recognizes individuals making a difference in Santa Monica Bay.

  • WineaPAWLooza Live Auctions 2020 & 2021

    2 items

    Recorded live, these auctions benefited Jameson Animal Rescue.

  • The Rajat Parr Collection

    7 items

    Shows featuring winemaker Rajat Parr.

  • Explore Ridge Vineyards

    4 items

    Explore Ridge Vineyards with our two Verticals episodes, a bonus feature on Old Bottles, and a Harvest Episode!


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    14 items

    Explore pieces from our collection that focus on women in the wine and food world.

  • International Syrah Day

    12 items

    The versatile Syrah grape has personality galore. In this collection we share various takes on its many expressions.

  • Celebrating International Cabernet Day

    13 items

    September 3rd is International Cabernet Day! Celebrate with these episodes featuring Cabernet.

  • Celebrating International Merlot Day

    7 items

    Take a deep dive into this sometimes polarizing grape varietal to commemorate International Merlot Day (Nov 7).

  • International Riesling Day

    13 items

    Celebrate International Riesling day with this collection of Riesling videos!