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  • Tasting Notes: Furmint

    Join Claire Coppi as she explores the world of Furmint and the wine it produces in Hungary’s Tokaj region.

  • Cooking with Wine: Languedoc - Grenache & Syrah

    The vineyards of Southern France await you with Chef Kate Hill's dish of Civet de Sanglier with wild boar, ribs, and escargots in a Medieval wine stew.

  • A Closer Look at Champagne: Part 3

    Explore the aging of Champagne and what the future holds as the region changes.

  • Verticals: Lafite Rothschild

    Open to cameras for the very first time, the story of Lafite Rothschild told by Baron Rothschild and Saskia Rothschild through significant vintages that represent the beginning, the triumphs, the hard work, and the personal tragedies—all to show the human condition in a bottle of wine.

  • Auction Lot 288

    Having Survived World Wars, Stock Market Crashes, and Pandemics, the story of the 1874 Bottle of Perrier-Jouët, culminates as the star of the December 2021 Auction at Christie’s of London.

  • Drink a Bottle with Priyanka and Meghan

    Priyanka French, winemaker at Signorello, and Meghan Zobeck, winemaker at Burgess, share two wines as they discuss life and harvest.

  • Behind the Glass: Krug

    For generations the Krug family has attempted perfection and upped the bar each vintage. Journey inside this storied house and witness the relentless pursuit of sparkling perfection.

  • Verticals
    2 seasons


    2 seasons

    Explore the personal history of a winery or winemaker through the vintages of wine that defined them.

  • Drink a Bottle with Joel and Kyle

    Kyle MacLachlan and Joel McHale meet up to share a few bottles of wine and chat about their careers. Stay until the end for cake.

  • Verticals S2: Tara Gomez

    The incredible true story of the first Native American owned and operated winery in California. Tara Gomez creates award-winning wines but for her, the word terroir has a whole different meaning.

  • A Closer Look at Tuscany: Part 3

    Explore more of Tuscany with the region and wine of Chianti.

  • Tasting Notes with Bo Barrett

    2 items

    Winemaker Bo Barrett discusses the differences in aged Chardonnay and aged Cabernet.

  • PAIRINGS: Rimessa Roscioli

    The second episode that looks at the sommeliers and chefs who create the world’s best restaurants. Perfection lies between food and beverage.

  • The Bus Boy
    Movie + 4 extras

    The Bus Boy

    Movie + 4 extras

    Bobby Stuckey is a world-renowned sommelier and restauranteur who puts his guests first nearly all hours of the day. With an extraordinary work ethic and an obsession with impeccable service, Bobby has created one of Colorado’s most highly respected restaurants. In The Bus Boy, Bobby fights to ma...

  • Blind Tasting Sessions: Spouses

    12 items

    An ongoing series where wine professionals meet to blind taste each other on wines. New episodes every week.

  • Gelinaz! A Secret Meeting of Chefs


    GELINAZ! is a group of worldwide culinary luminaries that believes in universal sharing and wishes to express itself in a collective way beyond meritocracy and classified roles. Each event is different and unrepeatable, each performance creates new human chemistries and tests new forms of communi...

  • Sparklers
    1 season


    1 season

    A James Beard Award nominated high-stakes, high-pressure cooking and wine pairing competition show featuring sparkling wine from around the world. All 13-episodes star a cast of food and wine professionals who are changing the culinary world. While the show has guest judges, the main challenges a...

  • Saving the Restaurant


    Following Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey for the entire pandemic lockdown, this is one of the greatest restaurateur’s struggle to save restaurants in America.

  • The Whole Animal

    A new documentary from the award-winning team that made SOMM takes the viewer to five countries through the pages of a mysterious cookbook to experience how using the Whole Animal and wasting nothing can teach us as much about our food as it can about the culture that made it.

  • A Closer Look at Biodynamics

    Learn about Biodynamics in this episode featuring Claire Coppi, Gerard Bertrand, and Christoph Eckhart.

  • Chef's Notebook: Shucking Oysters

    Julie Qiu, founder of In a Half Shell, demonstrates how to properly shuck an oyster.

  • The Delicacy

    The story of a rare and exotic food, the sea urchin, and how it’s harvested, how it’s eaten, and the role it plays in nature and the lives of those who bring it to the table. With commentary from some of the most influential and prolific voices in the culinary world, the film follows a group of s...