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  • Chef's Notebook: Mozzarella

    Mozzarella is one of the most used but misunderstood cheeses in the world. We travel outside of Rome, Italy, to give you unprecedented access to the ancient process of making artisanal Mozzarella cheese. Master Sommelier and restauranteur Sabato Sagaria also tells you what to drink with this ep...

  • Portugal Collection

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    Portugal is a tiny country with a wide variety of wine regions, grapes and flavor profiles. Very approachable on both the palate and the pocketbook, it warrants further exploration.

  • WSET 3 Minute Wine School

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    Learn a lot about wine in a little bit of time.

  • Behind the Glass: Krug

    For generations the Krug family has attempted perfection and upped the bar each vintage. Journey inside this storied house and witness the relentless pursuit of sparkling perfection.

  • SOMM TV Free Tastings

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    Enjoy a taste of all that SOMM TV has to offer.

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    1 season

    An inside look at the sommeliers and chefs who create the world’s best restaurants. Perfection lies between food and beverage.

  • Inheriting the Future

    In this SOMM TV original film, take a closer look at the next generation of Bourgogne, France. Defining the greatest wine in the world for centuries does not mean that you cannot embrace the future, and the winemakers of tomorrow in the storied region of Bourgogne are ready for the challenge.

  • The Oyster Farmer

    A lobster fisherman risks everything to start an oyster farm. This strange animal's history, ecology, and culinary uses are more tied to humans than he could have imagined.

  • Maria López de Heredia - Legends of the Vine

    For over 140 years, López de Heredia has been making wine in Rioja. They have changed the wine world by not changing a thing.

  • The Whole Animal

    Winner of a 2023 James Beard Award, this documentary takes viewers to five countries through the pages of a mysterious cookbook to experience how wasting nothing from an animal can teach us as much about our food as it can about the culture that made it.

  • Steven Spurrier - Legends of the Vine

    From his wine shop and school in Paris to the hills of Napa, the Judgment of Paris, and championing lesser known wines around the world, Steven Spurrier was the definition of a wine professional. Wine greats Jancis Robinson, DLynn Proctor, Dustin Wilson, and more remember this legend including ne...

  • Harvest: Château d'Yquem

    Take a peek into the harvest of the world's most expensive sweet wine.

  • National Pinot Noir Day

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    As one of the most beloved and popular grapes in the world, Pinot Noir creates wines of beautiful elegance, finesse, complexity, and longevity. Join SOMM TV as we travel all over the world to learn more about how different winemakers and wine regions approach bottling this noble grape.

  • Selections From The Sea

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    Dive into the captivating world of cuisine from the ocean. From the art of seafood preparation to sustainable fishing practices, watch innovative culinary techniques that showcase the rich flavors and diverse culinary traditions inspired by the sea.

  • Father's Day Collection

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    Delve into the stories of passionate families whose deep-rooted love for the land and wine craftsmanship spans generations. Witness their unwavering dedication, time-honored techniques, and the seamless blend of tradition and innovation that defines their exceptional wines.

  • Short Pours around 5 minutes

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    Only have a few minutes? Here are some videos in the 5 minute range and below.

  • Chardonnay Day

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    Celebrate International Chardonnay Day by immersing yourself in our Chardonnay collection. Explore Chardonnay's rich history, flavors, and nuances from production to terroir influence to food pairings. Cheers to Chardonnay!

  • Pro Athletes & Wine: NBA

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    Many current and former NBA stars have gravitated to the wine world. To mark the start of the new NBA season, we delve into some of the fascinating stories of pro-athletes-turned-wine-pros.

  • Behind the Glass: Ross Knoll Vineyard

  • BYOB
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    1 season

    Looking for an affordable bottle of wine off the beaten path? Look no further, SOMM TV has done the shopping for your next bottle. We give you the bottle and everything you need to know about the wine inside to sound like an expert. Grab that bottle and bring it to your next event with confide...

  • International Sauvignon Blanc Day

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    Celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc Day with this collection of videos.

  • Areni Barrel Tasting

    Follow winemaker and "SOMM Cup of Salvation" cast member, Vahe Keushguerian, as he explains the character of Armenia's most important red grape and tastes through barrel selections of his Areni wines.